Technische Eigenschaften HT500.2 3D Drucker

3D printing technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Print Resolution

Minimum layer thickness approx. 0.05mm (resolutions below 0.1mm are dependend on installed nozzle diameter, used print material etc.; some materials of low viscosity may even allow thinner layers)


Ø2.85 +/- 0.1mm

Build Volume

200x180x290mm (10.44 liter)

Model Materials

ABS, HIPS, PC, PET(G), PVA, PLA, TPEs, composites (Wood/Metal etc.), igus Tribo Filaments, PA12* (* may be limited to smaller objects)

Support Materials

Soluble support options available for ABS, PET(G), PLA, PLA-/PETG-based composites; Break-away support available for any processed model material

Print Heads

Two high temperature print heads (500°C max.) for multi-material, multi-color and multi-nozzle-diameter operation; comes with 4 extruder nozzle tips of 2 different diameters (0.35/0.50); 2 pcs. 0.35mm nozzle pre-installed; more nozzle diameters available separately (0.25/0.75)

Print Head Cleaning System

For best results in dual material prints


Watercooled stepper motors, print heads and LED lighting; low maintenance due to closed circuit

User Interface

Integrated 10″ capacitive touch screen controller for stand-alone operation

Network Connection

Ethernet 10/100, RJ45

Automatic Calibration

Via Touch Interface


Actively heated build environment (up to 70°C) for durable prints from engineering plastics


Rigid aluminum frame, fully enclosed with clear acrylic glass; built-in LED lighting

Print Bed

Heated (up to 130°C)

Build Surface

Exchangeable maintenance-free continuous use high performance build plates, compatible with ABS, PC, PETG, HIPS, PVA, PLA, TPU, PA12 without priming/pretreatment/coating; one build plate pre-installed

Activated Carbon Air Filter

Makes printer compatible to office and living enviroments


Free and Open Source slicing software, optimized configuration presets provided

Operating Systems

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Power Requirements

100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1000W max.


approx. 80x60x80cm (LxWxH)



Included in Delivery

12-part tool set, 2 accessory nozzle tips Ø0.5mm, 1 accessory build plate, 2 spools ABS model material á 750g, 1 power cord

Warranty Terms

12 months extended warranty


Fully assembled and tested with CE conformity