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3D Printing for Industrial, Medical and Lifestyle

3D Printer - Machine Tools for an innovative method of Production on the forward movement

3D Printer already are an established production technique in Rapid Prototyping as well as in Medical Engineering. With the 3D Printing Industry moving forward with enhanced 3D Print Technologies and the development of new, innovative 3D Printing Materials like HP MultiJet Fusion 3D Printers the Range of 3D printed Applications gets nearer to Rapid Prodcution. The new 3D Production Technologies offer advantageous Properties compared to substractive  Manufacturing Processes and Original Moulding is available for a wide range of 3D Printer Models for Industrial 3D Printing Processes, 3D Printed Medical Applications and Semi-Professional 3D Printer for Universities, Schools and Education with 3D Printers and Software for 3D Printing. They differ not only on the size of 3D Printed Objects or the precision of the 3D Printed Models but also the range of 3D Printing Materials which can be used for 3D Printing. Which Properties make the 3D Print Technology so attracting ?

The Properties of 3D Print Technologies as Production Method, RapidPrototyping and RapidManufacturing

The 3D Printer in it's most used Version equates in the basic design to a Milling Machine and offers similiar grades of Freedom to guide the Tool. In Place of the Energy, Time and Material consumpting Machining of Raw Parts and Semi-Manufactured Products using a Milling Machine the 3D Printer uses a kind of Shape Forming similiar to Forming. Here the 3D Print Technology offers advantages  like a low use of Material and Energy and a short and direct way from Design to Prototype to Market. With new Innovations in the 3D Printing Industry and new 3D Printing Materials the 3D Printing Technology is also ready to be used directly on the Engineers Desktop opening complete new ways for Engineers and Designers to test their Ideas and Inventions in a simple Way in a very early stage in Product Development. So Rapid Prototyping saves your Company valued Time and Money.