3D Printing Ireland Ltd / Hr. Keith Davis

„It has been a pleasure to work with Lars, owner of LayerbyLayer for many years now, they're services are outstanding & very reliable & have been a great help to ourselves especially on tight deadlines. We hope to continue to do plenty of business in the future.“

Keith Davis / Managing Director of 3D Printing Ireland

3D Printing Ireland Ltd

3D Printing Ireland is a Dublin-based company providing 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D modelling and visualisation services to both companies and individuals. We believe that the combination of these cutting edge technologies and our wide range of professional experience means that we can provide an excellent level of service to our customers. Our very knowledgeable team work closely with each client to ensure that we find the best individual solution for them, working within their given budget and time constraints, to achieve the highest quality outcome.

Our customers come from almost every sector, including engineering and pharmaceutical firms, national museums, architecture businesses, and film production companies.  Our 3D solutions offer faster and more economical alternatives to some traditional workflows, with superior quality of results. Often 3D printing can be used where a process was impossible before.

Our key strength lies in our range of services, as we are much more than just a 3D printing bureau.  For example, for a new product we can offer to do the product design, digital visualization renders,  3d printed working prototypes, and print the molds for injection molding.  For architecture we can produce both the realistic digital renders as well as printing the scale architectural models. Our services are only limited by your imagination of what we can do for you.