Industrial 3D printers for research, industry and medicine

3D printers are considered a technology of the future with great potential for various applications

They enable the fast and cost-effective production of prototypes, individual items, spare parts and even entire components or products. The technology is used in various industries, including the automotive, aerospace, medical, architecture and creative industries. By using 3D printers, companies can make their production more efficient and manufacture customized products for their customers. 3D printers are also opening up new opportunities for private individuals to manufacture individual products and objects.

Our machine market spotlight:

Farsoon HT403P-H (High-Cylinder-Version) with 1x 100 Watt CO2 Laser for sale. The machine has only 146h built and is equipped with HT option for max. 220°C

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Refining surface processing: the emerging role of wet blasting in additive manufacturing

In the age of additive manufacturing, where the creation of complex, lightweight components is the order of the day, post-processing is playing an increasingly crucial role. The process of wet blasting, traditionally a niche area, deserves special attention due to its efficiency and versatility. Discover with us the advantages and areas of application of this advanced technology.

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Filaments and pellets in additive manufacturing

In the world of 3D printing, plastics are an essential family of materials. They suit a variety of printing technologies and offer a wide range of properties for manufactured parts, from prototypes to final products. Today we take a look at two specific material forms: Filaments and Pellets.

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